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A new type of training (centerweight training) is here!

CoreBell Fitness: Featuring Centerweight Technology

COREBELL™ is the worlds first free weight with a patented centerweight design. This advancement in free weight design promises numerousbenefits to all who use it in their current routines. It also provides a safe and simple way for to strength train for those just starting out.

Here are just some of the many advantages this new type oftraining  (centerweight training) has to offer:


Unlimited Exercise routines
Up to 50% increase in muscle fiber engagement over traditional Dumbbells, Kettlebells and Barbells, which means:

  1. Faster results in lean muscle gain
  2. Increased calorie burn
  3. Increased metabolism
  4. Improved cardiovascular health
  5. Greater weight loss

And Much More!

Minutes a day!    Encourages good form!   Functional workouts!   High intensity!

Who We Are

COREBELL™ is a new kind of exercise tool designed in Atlanta, Georgia by Centerweight Technologies.  We know how many people struggle with burning fat and building muscle. We are happy to introduce centerweight technology with this simple, but amazing product that allows everyone to take advantage of the many benefits of strength training safely and simply. We believe that fitness should be a regular part of our daily/weekly routine. CB1's ease of use  can assist in this effort. We are currently selling COREBELL™ throughout the U.S. and Canada.

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